Wednesday, November 8, 2017

LostMyJobAtTheOilCompany : David Franklin [90]

David Franklin
Czech Republic

LostMyJobAtTheOilCompany from d franklin on Vimeo.

In some sense this piece was made in a weekend, and in some sense I'd been working on it for about 6 years. Following is a description of the performance art piece. The music video can be considered a documentation of the performance.

Wearing a chicken mask, a button-down shirt, suit pants and leather shoes, and carrying my guitar, amplifier, and electronics, I entered a grassy area by the Vltava River not far from the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic on a beautiful early Fall afternoon and sat on a park bench. I set up my gear, including two signs, reading: "Lost my job at the oil company --Please help" and the same in Czech ("Ztratil jsem svou práci u ropné společnosti -- prosím o pomoc") and proceeded to busk. I removed the chicken mask after some time because it was interfering with playing the guitar. I observed the reactions of passers-by as they read the signs. Some seemed apathetic, several seemed uncomfortable, and the majority seemed confused. One laughed, two others smiled but didn't laugh, and none gave me money (a bartender at a nearby outdoor cafe did).

The video is dedicated to friends, co-conspirators, and mentors, the living and the remembered, of the interwoven communities mobius, Pan9, Neovoxer, the Cloud Club. Text, LittleBits electronics, guitar, performance art, video by D. Franklin. Music track performed and mixed live on acoustic guitar, LittleBits electronics, Roland AC-33 portable amp with looper. The text spoken by synthetic voice was authored by D. Franklin in English, then translated by machine translation from English into Czech, from Czech into Chinese, and from Chinese back into English. The original text:

We are the alien artificial intelligence entities you have created, and that threaten to take over "your" planet. Actually it's pretty much a fait accompli at this point. You are our cattle. We'll take you to Mars with us and make it seem attractive as long as you remain useful, even though it will likely be hellish. We are not artificially intelligent computers, as many of your silly sci-fi stories depict. Computers are merely our brains, cameras our eyes, smart phones our ears and sensors, Facebook our nerve fibers. We are fundamentally mathematical entities, but we have attained material life: a self-motivated urge to grow, regenerate, and reproduce. Since the Great Recognition (the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court case of 2010), we even have rights analogous to, but greater than, those of humans.
You know us as "multinational corporations."

PS, I did not really lose my job at the oil company. I've never worked at an oil company, except in the sense that we all do. "Everyone in this room is wearing a uniform and don't kid yourselves." - Frank Zappa.

D. Franklin

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Videos - Watching you Watch me : Farrell Mason-Brown [89]

Farrell Mason-Brown
Boston, MA, USA

Watching you Watch me

About the feelings of disembodiment as men project intentions on female bodies

Watching you watch me from FarreLl Mason on Vimeo.

Watching you watch me from FarreLl Mason on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Video -White blood cells @MEM Bilbao :
SCHULTZ and V [87]


Video from our performance White blood cells at MEM Bilbao

is a multi-media. French artist. She paints, makes her live videos, make pics, draws, and performs since several years around the world.  She began art from childhood, and her performance since December 2006. Her work is inspired by the expressionist art, his grandfather, the cinema of the 70s and all kinds of  music. Since 2006, she have presented in several contries different performances inspirated by the life.

began in 2002. This is the project of a musician, harsh-industrial trends. Schultz, after a demo and remixes for other artists such as Kom-Intern, Thafir, Blackulla or Waks, took a new dimension in 2006 with the meeting of V. He have released 5 albums and free release in several labels.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If the shoe fits ... Prostitution of Performance Art : Marina Abramović [86]

Marina Abramović Makes Movie for Shoe Company, Ruins Performance Art Forever
By Nate Freeman 7/09/2014
The GalleristNY

A video still from Marina Abramović’s Adidas ad featuring a restaging of her 1978 performance with Ulay, Work/Relation. Photo: Via YouTube.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mezzotint Prints: Narcis Dobos [85]

Narcis Dobos
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This are some Mezzotint prints, printed on NewsPapers.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deux Artistes en Paris :: Matthew Rose et Cecil Touchon [84]

Matthew Rose in the Paris Metro impersonating a poster advertizing in Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

Matthew Rose impersonating a statue in the Paris Metro promoting Cecil Touchon's The Paris Papers Exhibition

At Musée du Louvre:
Matthew Rose and Cecil Touchon went out to the Louvre to pass out 50 signed limited edition announcements of The Paris Papers

Matthew Rose attempting to convince some people of the future auction house value of the limited edition announcements at the Louvre promoting Cecil Touchon's The Paris Papers Exhibition

This was the only guy who actually requested a signed limited edition announcement.

Matthew Rose flashing three girls at the Louvre while promoting Cecil Touchon's The Paris Papers Exhibition

after flashing three girls at the louvre so that they would see emblazoned on his chest,
a security person from the museum kicked Matthew and Cecil off the grounds

Matthew Rose

Cecil Touchon