Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Selling of an "Artist"? [62]

photo: Mick Tsikas/REUTERS via DayLife

Your 4-Year-Old Can’t Do That
NOAH HOROWITZ - The New York Times - June 11, 2011:

An interesting article from the New York Times which reflects on the selling of an "artist" who happens to be only four years old.

The artist version of stage parents? Aelita Andre is not a unique case - there have been other infant wunderkind in the media of late.

The article also discusses briefly the notion of vanity galleries - here represented by the Agora Gallery in New York City which charges a hefty $3000 or more to an "artist", or in this case, an "artist"'s parents, for the privilege of a solo exhibition in their space.

But lest you worry that the parents and child are on their way to filing Chapter 11, note that the child's works are fetching upwards of $24,000 a canvas.

The author also concludes that the fame of Ms. Andre not so much that of a legitimate Artist with a capital "A" as a bit of theater and media circus. Stage parents indeed.

Noah Horowitz, director of the VIP Art Fair, is the author of “Art of the Deal: Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market.”

Ms. Andre's Website: