Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Politics of Shoes Redux [57]

photos by Milan Kohout

In May 2009, Mobius presented a group exhibition and weekend of performances called "The Politics of Shoes", inspired by a series of shoe related events in December 2008.

After the exhibition ended, all performances and works in that show were documented on an online blog, along with two critiques, one of the show in the form of poetry by Jill Furumoto and the other a prose impression of the show by national journalist G. Jeffrey MacDonald, and related links, interviews.

It seems that the time has come once again, the walrus said, for the revival of shoes in politics.

What does the politics of shoes have to do with The Prostitution of Art?
(with a bow to Ray Johnson):

Politics = Prostitution = Art = Life = Death

Friday, February 4, 2011

PoArt Exhibit: Jennifer Weigel [56]

Jennifer Weigel
St. Louis, MO, USA

Five of Jennifer Weigel's Art Is Everywhere signs were exhibited and used performatively as part of The Prostitution of Art and Signs of Our Times exhibition at Mobius, September 18 through 25th, 2010.

All photos by Bob Raymond:

September 18th - Opening Night:

During Liz Roncka's performance, signs worn by Valerie Moon:

Daytime shots as seen through the windows
from outside Mobius at 725 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA, USA:

Art is Everywhere signs used to prostitute the exhibit at Mobius and the South End Artists at Bates (an artist cooperative adjacent to Mobius) during SOWA Open Studios in Boston (Saturday September 25th, 2010):

PoArt Exhibit: Updates #22

The featured artist on Friday February 4th, 2011 will be Jennifer Weigel who generously gave her permission to use five of her Art Is Everywhere signs during the Signs of Our Times and the Prostitution of Art exhibition as well as performatively during SOWA Open Studios (September 25th, 2010)