Monday, May 13, 2013

Prostitution of Art "Twins":: Fausto Grossi and Milan Kohout [83]

Missive 1. From Fausto to jw:

"I send you this photomontage that I have made on 1 February 2013

I sent on 2 Febrary 2013 to Milan right through Facebook with this message:
Dear Milan
this is to let you know
that I share your message

Missive 2. From Fausto to jw:

" you can see below
from the email that Milan has sent me
he is very happy with my image
and he has uploaded on Facebook
which makes me very happy

actually the problem is the internet jungle
the highway of disinformation is a mystery to me
but I try to do my best"

-- "Helllooooooooooo Fausto...
it is wonderful !!!!!!!!!...Your Milan" -- "

From Milan's Facebook Page
8 de mayo
Dear comrades,
Here is an example of a wonderful interactive use of art while being a public domain..after many years I did this poster and send it to the digital world a wonderful italian artist Fausto Grossi finished my performance situation..

Fausto Grossi
Italy/Bilboa, Spain
where Fausto will be performing:
Fausto's Pasta y Pizza Grossi restaurant in Bilbao:

Milan Kohout
Czech Republic
Moje webovka:
Poster situations: