Friday, February 10, 2012

Dick Dock Collection 2011: Willie Baracchi [73]

Willie Baracchi
Massachusetts, USA

Statement of Intention:

Dick Dock Collection surge as an idea originally by the objects left behind the night before by the people after wild sex under the infamous Provincetown Dick Dock.

Provincetown MA, the largest Gay community in the east coast of the United States, it is also a gay resort during the summer season, The Dick Dock, it is a place where Men gather at night to have wild sex under the dark dock after a wild night in town.

Dick Dock Collection intentions is to create awareness and to up rise dialogs about the link between unsafe sex and Drugs and alcohol abuse in a sarcastic and humorous way.

The collection consist in 50 Boxes and 4 Posters (6 feet x 4 feet) ink-jet prints.

Dick Dock Collection 2011
October 1st, 2011
Fundraising for the Aids Support of Cape Cod, Boatslip, Provincetown MA

The artist gives special thanks to:

Rick Conley (Mates Leather Weekend) and The Boatslip for all your support and enabling the use of space for this piece;

Darren Showers with helping designing and printing of labels;

Bob Sanborn and Stephen Young (Prince Albert Guest House), Frank Vasello (Relish), Exuma Fine Jewelry, the SMFA Boston, WA, Leonard Alberts, and Rik Ahlberg for all the Monetary Support;

John Swanson, Jay Critchley, David Moulton, Damon Leard (Roots Home and Garden), Reynaldo Guevara, ... and many many more .....for all the moral support, your personal inputs and the encouragement necessary to make this exhibit possible.

Joe Carleo (Executive Director ASGCC), Tania Rosario (ASGCC), Katie Ledoux For the Incredible Job you are Doing every Day at the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod.

Photography by David Wennerberg

Artist Statement:

My intention as an Artist is to create work that emancipate the joy of living and enhance the curiosity of the mind by empowering the knowledge and the truth about events in our community and to hopefully create dialog and solutions to the issues exposed by the piece.

Most of my pieces are multimedia and it tends to be Site Specific installation work. Temporary or permanent, I like to play with the space making it engaging and interactive for the observer, striving always to be a full sensory experience.

Usually the Idea surge from an external event, the content of my work reflects political, environmental or social Issues, the process involves a large amount of information and research also involves drawing, modeling, planning, mapping, etc. to finally achieve the culmination of the final piece.

Painting and drawing helps me to unleash the Ideas trapped in my mind, in a fast pace process and almost with my eyes closed I like to follow my instincts and discover the hidden image after, it is a much more expressive and interpersonal experience, most subjects are from my imagination how ever i tempt to use my memory as a model some times, i never draw or paint from nature.