Thursday, November 11, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: RICHard SMOLinski [51]

RICHard SMOLinski
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

PROSTarTUTE: the piece(s) that I would like to submit are
materializations of the portmanteau words, “PROSTartUTE,” and
“PROSTartUTION,” coinages that combine “prostitute,” “prostitution” and
The artworks’ imagery overlays the transparent letters of the words
PROSTartUTE and PROSTartUTION overtop of a portion of an image of Jeff
Koons and Cicciolina. Printed onto magnetic paper and then cut into the
shape of the words, the works contain only teasing glimpses of an image
that hilariously married the cultural and pornographic industries. The
effect will hopefully be somewhere between a peepshow and graffiti-esque
advertising. I have included a pdf “sketch” for your consideration—just
imagine all of the material not contained within the alphabetic characters
cut away.

I am willing to contribute 4 pieces. Two could be used within the
performance and two could be installed outside of the gallery. Because the
pieces are magnetic they easily adhere to metal surfaces, such as
newspaper boxes, traffic poles and mailboxes, and are a sort of
non-permanent and non-damaging graffiti. While they may be displayed
out-of-doors they are not THAT weather-resistant—they may be left to
deteriorate over time.

During the performance the other two versions may be used in any way.
Indeed, it might be best if they are destroyed, leaving less evidence for
Koons’ army of attorneys to base future litigations upon.

Dimentions: 7” x 5” approximately.

9/8/2010 - Before the exhibition:

RS (Artist):
I have sent a selection of pieces via Purolator Courier to the home
address you provided. They should arrive tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday, if
there is no delay with customs. Please contact me if there are any problems with my shipment.

As well, I have attached a few scans for your records--unfortunately they
intensify the works' imperfections.

I hope the exhibition/performance goes great, and I hope we have the
chance to work together again in the future.

JW (co-curator):
I'm in NYC but my partner just sent me via cell phone an image of your package so it arrived safely! Thanks so much,

I will post your name on sometime before the opening on Sept 18th
along with the other participants..

Thanks so much!

9/18/2010 through 9/25/2010 - Exhibition:

The artist's pieces were displayed on the table in the original clear binder (with a red edge) provided by the artist.

Photo: Bob Raymond

10/4/2010 through 10/8/2010 - Post-Exhibition Dialogue (excerpts):

JW (co-curator):
I meant to tell you that we displayed your beautiful magnets in the
original folder you sent them in - I tried to put them around the
space but would you believe everything must be made out of aluminum or
some other non-magnetic material because i wasn't able to stick them
to anything!

So I was wondering if you would give me permission to use your magnets
in some guerrilla performances and/or stealthy activities - I would
take your magnets and find places outside where they will stick -- and
document via photos and/or video shorts...
would that be ok with you?

I will wait for a nice day... (it's been rainy and cold the last few days)...
and go out there and place some of your magnets.

Lastly could I send one of your magnets to another artist if he/she
promises to use your magnets somehow and send me back photographs? I
have a few friends who would be game I'm pretty sure...

And sorry we didn't have some nice steel structures to put your lovely
magnets on!

RS (Artist):
Sorry the magnets proved problematic. I am not sure I feel a great deal of
ownership over the pieces so the alternate plan sounds great--I hope they
have an interesting lie in Boston or elsewhere, though photos are
appreciated. Thanks for keeping me informed.

JW (co-Curator):
the magnets are magnificent!! really, i'm truly sorry about that -
i didn't realize it would be a problem so my bad - not your fault at
all .. and it will give me an excuse to think up some guerrilla action
which i wanted to do anyway
strange coincidence, several months ago i asked another artist in our
group to give me "evidence" that i could leave behind if i snuck into
some abandoned or under construction (read not exactly legal) sites...
so i can use piece of your magnets as "evidence"

RS (Artist):
Good luck with the public interventions,

10/16/2010 through 10/17/2010 - Guerrilla Performances:

Photos from Evidence Left Behind:

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