Monday, November 22, 2010

PoArt Performance: Milan Kohout [52]

Milan Kohout
The Mobius Artist Group
Boston, MA, USA and Czech Republic

9/25/2010 - The Prostitution of Art at Open Studios:
Milan had kindly agreed to do two last minute participatory performances during Adriana Disman's durational performance.

Photos: Bob Raymond

11/2/2010 - Post Performance Artist Statement:

MK (Artist):
Here is my statement for your show where i was on the leash:

Wake up and bite your masters!!!!
I have been always saying what I have felt and I will continue to do it in-spite that stupid "political correctness",and some kind of fake "respect" to others which is our american society requiring from us. I feel that such a requirement is actually killing the artists as the social critics. It is killing artists as the only sane members of each society in the whole history of human kind. Artists should scream their feeling absolutely openly and as loud as possible and without absolutely any kind of the mind censorship. And nowadays comes again time for the artistic uprising!!! Because the fucking capitalistic oppressive system we live in is getting still bigger and bigger power over our lives and the rich "chosen pigs" think that soon we will turn into their disposable and completely controlled mass of the brainwashed slaves. Slaves who would maximally go as the sheep to their controlled puppet elections and would consider it as the taste of freedom.. We "the artists" have completely failed to be the rebellious scandalous and offensive social critics. We accepted the humiliating PC servitude position obeying the ruling class of the rich pigs and as so we have only "decorated" their chosen lives as the little poodles on the leashes. We have been "masturbating" some kind of empty conceptual post post modernistic boolshit art which has been building and "celebrating" only empty shelves of our existences as the real equal human beings in our society. We turned into the worst possible prostitutes- prostitutes who sold their minds and morality. I have to say that I respect prostitution as the honest job when you sell your body for fair and negotiated price not being forced into such a deal. But what absolute majority of nowadays american and as matter of fact even the whole world artist have done was a mind sleazy prostitution into which they were forceful pushed by the rich pigs who own the most of the capital in the capitalistic societies. We should rebel and create the artistic revolution and smash those fucking rich pig's oppression. We should wake up and grab back our art as the tool for the permanent social revolutionary change. We should use the force of art to reestablish our freedom of minds and bodies. We should return art where is belongs- as the political tool of the community, and the whole society. The word politic comes from the word Polis . And Polis means community of people and not masses of individualistic disconnected idiots controlled by the rich pig's medias. We should be again the equal human beings who enjoy their liberty and sharing of it within our communities. Long live artistic revolution!!! Fuck the ruling rich pigs!!!! Fuck capitalism !! Fuck private ownership of the space!!! Fuck "sold capitalistic democracy" which is serving only to the rich pigs. Let us brake our leashes and shit on the heads of our "masters"!!! It would be easy!!! Rich pigs are terrified of us because they know that slave mind can be controlled only by a short leash. Wake up and bite your masters!!!!

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