Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Angela Ferrara [35]

Angela Ferrara
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Angela Ferrara generously donated:

1. three posters for Signs of Our Times
2. three posters for The Prostitution of Art

which are downloadable via the respective
online blogs (click on the links above for download options)

Original Posters:

9/18/2010 - Opening Night:

Posters printed by James Ellis Coleman (Mobius Artist Group)
Photos by William Evertson

9/25/2010 - Closing:

Adriana Disman (CANADA) performed "Cleaning the Hands", a durational piece at the closing of the Signs of Our Times and The Prostitution of Art Exhibition at Mobius. She was given one of Angela Ferrara's posters for her records and as physical evidence that she performed at Mobius.

9/28/2010 - Post Exhibition:

The curators received forty magnets with Angela Ferrara's "Godard" poster (rush order from Vistaprint which proved to be no rush order!) too late for the Closing and to use as "prostitutional wares" to lure SOWA Open Studio pedestrians to Mobius. Magnets will be given away as mementos to random participating artists/donators to Mobius.

PoArt: Angela Ferrara's Magnet from MobiusArtistsGroup on Vimeo.

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