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PoArt Exhibit: Terra Friedrichs [45]

Terra Friedrichs
Acton, Massachusetts, USA

8/18/2010 - Original Proposal:

i propose that i take video stills or clips of painted or printed art and project it along walls or other surfaces that are not flat...thus prostituting someone else's art. i'll either use my own art, or someone who gives me permission to do this with their art.

title: "belaid"

no actions required by anyone except that it's nice when people walk through the projection beams and the video is projected on top of moving bodies. it's adds to the mystery...

dimensions of your entry (or a good guess)

i'd like a hallway or staircase to work with... am flexible... prefer odd shapes

weather resistant (suitable for display outside)? Yes or No

no, unless i can keep the projector inside and project onto the street, or outside somehow through the glass...

i can create a page just for the show, if i have time.

it will be similar to this:
i create "moods" for spaces... dreamy haunting...

8/19/2010 - Initial acceptance/response:

JW (co-curator):
Your proposal has been accepted!

We do have one hallway that might work well - it would be the pathway that leads down from the main gallery to the kitchen area.. and can be kept somewhat dark which I think at least from my understanding of your proposal would work better than having your video projection out in the gallery (where during the day there would be a problem of too much sunlight and at night, too much bleed through from street lamps.

We do have a staircase but it's only 2 or 3 steps and might not have as many possibilities as the hallway (it also probably gets too much light bleed through from the windows).

8/25/2010 - Further Dialogue I:

TF (Artist):
A couple of questions:

1. How big is the hallway? rough dimensions are fine... like is it 10 feet long? or 100 feet?

2. Will people be walking through the images for work or just to wander about? I hope so, but if not, that's fine.

3. I'll be projecting images from other people's art. I have their permission. But only via email. Do you need a formal signature from them? Or is my word/their email good enough? One is a friend of 10 years and the other is my step-sister... They just want to be credited... which of course, is my honor. I'm hunting up a couple others, but one is 80 years old in France, and no one knows where he is anymore. But his niece is my old, dear friend of 20 years, who has also disappeared. But I'll find her before I use his work.

4. Will there be someone there to start the video again? I want to send up three projectors (don't worry...they are small) at different angles, and one of my DVD players doesn't seem to want to repeat. I may just put a long cord on the other one and have it feed the other projector. I like a delay when using multiple projects to get the effect...

JW (co-curator):
1. The hallway is about 15 feet long (unless you include the section which is open
I am attaching the blueprint of the space..(gallery.pdf). the hallway is by the Office.
I also took a photo but i have to upload it - i'll send it to you soon!

2. The hallway is the way to get to the kitchen and bathroom so yes visitors wi'll be walking through the images.

3. I think this should be fine re: permission - no worries...

4. Yes James and/or I will start up the videos ...

A few other things that you might want to know ahead of time just in case:
- we just have to make sure it isn't so dark in the hallway that someone could fall .. probably this won't be a problem but just wanted to let you know in advance - worst case i can put in some little safety lights if your video ever gets completely dark...
- The Office door will be closed and most likely locked when visitors are in the space..
- The door at the end of the hallway is an emergency exit and it will be closed the entire time (audience doesn't enter the space through that door - it leads to the rest of the building which we don't rent) - it can't be blocked just so you know ahead of time

TF (Artist):
Looks great. What about that long corridor in the back that's shaded out? I suppose that's not accessible. I do like long corridors. But 15 feet is fine, I'm sure.

Oh, goodie...my images usually look great when people are walking through them and the shadows are all over the place.

It won't be that dark. Not at all. There will be plenty of light from the images. Even when the video ends, there's a blue screen...

Office door locked? hmm...sounds like an opportunity to me. I may project something on the door itself, so the door looks like another hallway... or maybe the door at the end. I'll have to see when I get there. I LOVE the idea of the door at the end...like a little tunnel to the rest of the world. I may just work with that. I have some door ideas I've been wanting to work on. I might have time for that...

no problem. no matter about the picture, by the way. that drawing pretty much showed everything...maybe if you can just tell me how tall it is. but i don't really even need that. see you soon!that drawing pretty much showed everything...maybe if you can just tell me how tall it is. but i don't really even need that. see you soon!

JW (co-curator):
Ya the shaded out corridor is part of the building (we don't rent that - it's where the other residents are)..
I love the idea of the door at the end --- ...
Ceiling height - my impression is that it's standard - not particularly high but truthfully i forget!
I will be at Mobius on friday and can check again..
maybe i can tell from the photo i took (it shows the door and ceiling - the door is your basic standard door which is - whatever a standard indoor door height is..

TF (Artist):
no problem on the ceiling height. or door width, I'm all set on that.

I may have to come look and see how I can hang projectors...like is there a pipe, or something at the entrance, preferably out "before" the entrance, so I can get the max projection width (it gets bigger, the farther away the projector is from the wall).

JW (co-curator):
Hanging the projectors might be a problem - I'm not sure -- there isn't a pipe or ledge above that will work - unless you can rigg something not in the hallway (maybe we can put something high enough there for you to use - stacked speaker cabinets or ... tbd),,
were you going to project all from one direction or ?? normally there are small shelves and miscellaneous ladders on their sides leaning against the longer wall (20 foot span) - we could clean up that space a bit (less junk more actual furniture you can use to mount projectors) and you could potentially put one or more projectors on that side... if that makes sense.
kind of hard to explain without your seeing the space.
Basically we have a lot of stuff but not much storage space so there's often things stacked (including many chairs) in various places. James and I can fiddle with moving things around no problem to accommodate your video installation..
I think it would be tough if not impossible to try to build a platform into the wall altho people have hung projectors from the ceiling in the main space (using hooks, chains/ropes and wood) so I'm assuming that might work in the hallway (altho there would be less ceiling clearance to work with..

TF (Artist):I wouldn't worry about cleaning stuff up. Stuff is fun to project against.

I do need a place to put projectors. Maybe I should check out the place, and see what we're willing to deal with. I'm pretty flexible, but don't want to go down a road that you don't like, and then find out you don't like it on the day of.

8/31/2010 - Further Dialogue II:

Note: Terra Friedrichs visited Mobius on Saturday, August 28th.

TF (Artist):
Couple of questions:

1. Can I put "black tape" on the walls leading down the hallway? Like stripes, to make it look like you're going down a shaft?

2. Is anyone else doing any "sound"? I'm wondering if music/soundscapes would be OK, or whether it would conflict with others. I'm thinking quite stuff, more like noisescapes like wind or whatever...

JW (co-curator):
1. you can put black tape on the walls only if it will not pull off the paint - we can't really afford to repaint the walls this time sorry about that. we could test a corner to check if you find something that might work. You could put some kind of tape on the cement floor no sweat!

2. You can't use sound unless it can be listened to via headphones - the Signs of the Times video will most likely be running with amplified sound during the exhibition - at least when there aren't any performances happening.

9/12/2010 - Shelving

TF (Artist):
is it OK if I use a shelving unit, instead of hanging from the ceiling? After a little test run here, I'm realizing that so many projectors on one hook is quite heavy. And I won't have time to install a heavy duty bracket on the same night. The shelving unit is pretty compact and should fit nicely in that little corner by the post along the rail. I can tie it to the rail so that it won't fall over if someone bumps it. It shouldn't stick out too much, but I figure if the public is there, that people tend to bump into things, and it's better safe than sorry. Also, I can wire the projectors to it so that they are nice and stable, instead of hanging, and potentially swinging.

JW (co-curator):
YES in fact that's a better/safe solution I think - great idea!

9/16/2010 - Final Notes from Terra:
Just finishing my final edit. It seems to actually look pretty good! Assuming there's some darkness, of course...

Not sure if you want the attached artist statement or not. I'll be bringing a print out of it to tape to the wall. And some flyers for people to take, so they can look up the artists that I'm "prostituting".

I'll try and get a photo of the installation Thursday and post that in time for people to see it on Friday. Did you want a link to my page to post on the Mobius site? Maybe linking my name on the list of artists to my page?

Either way, til then all I have is the photo from my last piece (below). And the attached.

video projection and masking tape

A video exploration of other people’s art, distorted along the walls much like a prostitute’s precious parts may be distorted in the using of them. Only “parts” of the art are being used, because in prostitution, one’s parts are often focused upon, with a distinct disregard for the whole.

Hallways are favorite places for my projection art, because I love places of transition. And I love illusion and the distortion of perspective, hence the stretching of the images, and the masking tape, which helps make the hallway seem longer… so as to suggest how time seems to go on forever for the one being prostituted. The distortion is especially meaningful to me because the need to disassociate by imagining another place/time/space/dimention… to be at peace…

These artists were kind enough to let me prostitute their work:
(listed alpha by first name…please check out the whole of their work)


Cynthia Von Buhler - www.cvb.com
Jeannette Staley - www.flyingcanvasstudio.com
Juliet Schneider - www.iridiumproductions.com
Marc Rosenthal

Nick Vargelis - www.vargelis.com

Larry Lee Oppel - www.myspace.com/larryoppel
Gene Beresin
Scott Billington
Gene’s Friends

Places: South Village Arc de’Triomphe & The Museum of Fine Spaces

Thanks to Mobius
for making it possible for artists to be…

9/18/2010 - Opening:

Photos: Terra Friedrichs and friends

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