Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Lawrence Charles Miller [48]

Lawrence Charles Miller
Newport, PA, USA / NYC, USA

8/20/2010 - Original Proposal:

Stealth Verso

a poster announcing an exhibition of drawings.
The original drawings are on the reverse side of the poster.
this is an act of selling myself - no shame - yes prostitution of art
The poster is destroyed if the drawings are cut out and sold (up to Mobius and action artists)

Dimensions: the over all poster is 17x36 inches (horizontal). The drawings are 8x10 inch each (Strathmore drawing paper adhered to verso)

9/4/2010 through 9/7/2010 - Installation queries:

JW (co-curator):
Got your tube today in the mail!

Should I wait to open it until we install it at Mobius? I'm afraid if I open it now I might not be able to stuff everything back in the tube safely - the tube looks completely fine (not a nick on it) so I'm sure the contents are safe.

I'm thinking we might hang it using strong fishing line for the exhibition (Sept 18-25th - exact times tbd -- but at least Sept 18th 8-10pm and Sept 25th 11am-6pm) and then have people take away pieces of it on Sept 25th (when there will be performances, hopefully foot traffic during open studios and so on)...

Thank you for letting me know everything arrived. Your idea for installing sounds good. I wasn't sure how it might fit in to your space and plans there.
Please feel free to do as you wish - and to take donations for the drawings to benefit Mobius. The drawings are all graphite originals. Signed and dated.
Hope they weathered the roll and tumble - but then they have been at sea.

9/18/2010 through 9/26/2010 - Exhibition:

The poster was taken out of the tube without any mishaps for the opening night of the exhibition. It was carefully laid on the display table containing the Prostitution of Art magazine along with Richard Smolinski's piece. The co-curators decided to save the poster and it's destruction for the closing but the closing proved not to be a suitable event due to the nature of a simultaneous five hour durational performance and the drifting in and out of the audience for open studios.

Photo by William Everton:

10/4/2010 - Post-Exhibition Quandary:

JW (co-curator):
I love your poster and drawings -- we tried to save them for the
Closing but the closing ended up not being the kind of event where we
could gather people around to take apart your poster so it's still

Would you like us to save it for another fundraiser or event and use
it somehow and videotape whatever we do to it - this might not be for
a while?

or would you like us to perhaps find something sooner, perhaps a class
or gather a group of people to take it apart (and document it).. (we
thought about using it in the Drawing Marathon which was on Sunday
Sept 26th but I don't think there were enough non-Mobius people in the
space at once to make it work)

Sorry we didn't use it! It just seems too beautiful to destroy!

Just let me know if you have a preference...

LM (Artist):
Please feel free to keep it and use it as you wish.
If you don't think it will work I could use it for a show
I'm having in December.
Of course I'd rather Mobius have it -

JW (co-curator):
AWWWWW!!!! thanks so much Larry!!

10/18/2010 - Facebook dialogue excerpts:

JW (co-curator):
i am still thinking about how to use your piece

i want to videotape whatever we do --

maybe the next drawing marathon at mobius (oct 24th) i will see if I can set aside a moment for people to perform with it and draw the performance at the same time!!!

wow that would be pretty whacky wouldn't it -- kind of a drawing infinite loop or something.... (-:

whatever happens, it will end up on the blog somehow and thanks again!

LM (Artist):
Please don't worry about using the Stealth Verso piece - maybe someday it will come in handy, or not.

10/24/2010 - Drawing Marathon 9:

On October 24th, Mobius Artists Sandy Huckleberry, Lewis Gesner, Margaret Bellafiore and Jane Wang installed Lawrence Charles Miller's The Stealth Verso and proceeded to destroy it. Three mirror-like metallic silver boards were suspended next to the drawings at varying heights.

Unfortunately, the co-curator couldn't remember if the four drawings on the back of the poster were also to be destroyed in the performance (they weren't). Two of the drawings were left completely intact. The entire performance was videotaped and is shown here along with video stills:

Drawing Marathon 9: Lawrence Charles Miller

Video Stills [complete slideshow/set here]:

In addition, the artist's piece in it's new configuration was used in the subsequent solo performance by Sandy Huckleberry, thereby creating an accumlative installation which in turn was drawn by two artists who attended the drawing marathon.

Drawing Marathon 9: Sandy Huckleberry 1
[this is part 1 of 7 of Sandy Huckleberry's performance
- to see thumbnails /access videos for parts 2 through 7, please click here]

Photos: Margaret Bellafiore

10/25/2010 through 10/26/2010 - Epilogue:

Excerpts from facebook emails:

JW (co-curator):
we videotaped and destroyed the Stealth Verso piece.
unfortunately, i had stupidly forgotten whether you actually wanted us to also destroy your four drawings -- i thought probably not but while we were talking about it, one of the artists performing carefully cut out a hole in one of the drawings.
We left all the other drawings intact thankfully!!

I'm ashamed of myself - i should have doublechecked (and should have known better - in a previous show, an artist told me to completely destroy her entire installation so that's probably where the brain freeze came from )..


On the positive side, the video of the performance turned out wonderfully AND the resultant installation (with your separated four drawings hanging in the air) were used intact as part of a subsequent performance/installation

and the shapes of your 4 drawings were drawn by two other artists

i plan to post the video along with video stills by weds this week.. and once Margaret uploads the photos of the two other artists' drawings of your drawings (!!), i will add that to the blog post...

and again sorry sorry sorry!

JW (co-curator):
I will post on the blog on weds or thursday..
in the meantime, here's links to the video

and a slideshow on flickr:

hopefully you will enjoy and not freak out )-:


ps i have 3 of the drawings whereupon i discovered one has a corner taken off it - so only 2 completely intact..

LM (Artist):
Not to worry. I intended for Mobius to do anything beyond cutting up the poster. So it sounds like it was a success. Sorry for not responding sooner. Got a flu and layed up. Best-

JW (co-curator):
sorry about the flu - hope you feel better soon - don't let it turn into pneumonia!
thanks again so much for your kindness.
i am so relieved i'm not now on your shit list..

ps and oops here's the slide show (i sent the wrong link before):

feel free to download any photos you like for whatever..
the blog will also 3 photos that Margaret took which feature your piece...

LM (Artist):
You just made me smile. You could never be on such a list !

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