Friday, October 22, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Mark Bloch [47]

Mark Bloch
New York City, NY, USA

9/12/2010 through 9/15/2010 - Last Minute "Solicitation/Bartering for Services Rendered" (excerpts):

MB (Artist):
I am so SO sorry I wanted to submit this

can I still send it?

here is electronic version I will also send the hard copy poster tomorrow

Can I????

I would LOVE to be in your show

[electronic image and text posted on blog here]

JW (co-curator):
You can definitely be in the blog but I'm not completely sure what you want me to do with the pamphlet - did you want me to post it on the blog? and then possibly print it for the exhibition?

or did you want to send me the actual pamphlets and the poster (or just the poster) for the exhibition specifically?

James and I haven't decided exactly what to do regarding the Prostitution of Art blog material - we thought of printing out whatever material we have from the blog in magazine form at the exhibition (except for the videos).

Send the poster and if you have a hardcopy of your pamphlet that you'd like use to display, that would be swell as well to:

[JW's address]

Also this is always kind of embarrassing to ask, would you mind terribly paying the $20 fee via paypal on if you definitely want your piece to be in the exhibition? ...If you just want it to be in the blog, the fee payment isn't necessary, no worries. (you can also wait to pay the fee after you send in the materials and make sure I get it in time... the show doesn't go up until Saturday so hopefully your poster and/or text will make it in time - I can call you as soon as I get it if you want).

MB (Artist:)
I am glad you like it. That's worth 20 byucks right there.
Seriously I need to think about what to do. At work today. Busy. I will
let you know the plan later today.... i'd like to send bioth for the show
but am pretty damn broke right now. Let me think on it. Just rented a new
studio.... a little closer to you!

JW (co-curator):
skip the $20 fee - no worries..
would you rather we just print the image and your text..
James Ellis Coleman is going to print out anything that can actually be printed out from the blog and put all images and text in a binder so he can include your pamphlet no problem and save you postage

[another email]
So do you want James to print your image and pages and put in the magazine?
If so, can you let me know soon so James will know (he has a lot of printing to do)
Just checking in..
also do you want me to post all on the blog?

MB (Artist:)
Let's make a deal----

Please put me in the book AND on the blog and in addition I am going to
send you some stuff by mail anyway plus ten bucks!!!!!!! I have a word
strik poster and I would like you to hang it up so I will mail it today.


Because I want to be in a Jane Wang project and I want to be an art WHORE
and an art john. You should NEVER back down on insisting on cash money but
in my case I will let you make an exception.

JW (co-curator):
As long as you aren't pimpin' on the street bro'

Thanks so much - Looking forward to it!

9/18/2010 - Receive Contraband:

JW (co-curator):
yup got it thanks mark .. still at mobius working.. probably b here til ????
work work work..

MB (co-curator):
good job

we'll do anything for art

don't forget to take care of jane!

9/18/2010 - Picture at an Exhibition:

Mark Bloch sent 2 copies of the Word Strike poster on newsprint-link paper, the entire Art Strike pamphlet with the new introduction printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper plus one Pan poster and two Pan related pamphlets, a postcard and ten bucks. He left it to the curators' discretion to display whichever pieces would work in the exhibition. We decided to use one of the Word Strike posters and displayed his related pamphlet - in addition, the entire text and copy of the Word Strike image was printed in the magazine James Ellis Coleman printed. We thought the Pan pamphlets might be too confusing and we were out of suitable wall space.

Photo by, you guessed it, William Evertson

9/26/2010 - Epilogue:

JW (co-curator):
I wasn't sure what you'd like me to do with your posters and Pan mag -- here are some options and tell me which you like best:

1. send them all back to you
2. send them all to H
3. send them all to MH
4. make 'em into something else... deconstruct 'em and send them in to the fluxmuseum or other...

divide 'em up and send some to H and some to M?

MB (Artist):
yeah send it to both of them good suggestion

Tell H I said less coffee less booze and tell him i said more coffee more more more

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