Friday, October 8, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Updates #7

The featured artist of the day is John Morse, who received much well-deserved press regarding his Roadside Haiku signs. He generously permitted Mobius to display two of his roadside signs here in Boston.

8/26/2010 - Banned in Boston?:
Excerpts from Facebook, Closing Event Invite:

photo: William Evertson via Jason Turgeon's Photobot

Mobius, Inc:
(T)HANK YOU EVERYONE (artists composers mobius artists and board member and our Artblock neighbors) FOR AN AMAZING EVENT!!

we had a lot more people come through than last year for Open Studios -- and several signed up for our emailing list !!

ironically we had to block out some windows (the police came) due to Adriana Disman's beautiful and thoughtful live performance in the nude - the cop was very nice about it and said "he's all for art himself but someone "called it in"" - the usual kid-friendly argument which i think is bullshit - kids aren't upset by nudity - it's immature adults who get all worked up - strangely we've had many events with frontal nudity clearly visible inthe windows before but this is the first time the police up ... maybe because it was during the someone pointed out, if we'd had grotesque, graphically violent actions in the windows, no one would have called that in

Adri Disman:
many thanks to all the thoughtful and lovely Mobius artists.

David Miller:
It is surprising that it took so long for a nude event at Mobius to get that kind of attention - esp. since so many of them have been after dark, when the room light shines out onto the street, and it's the opposite during the day. Luck of the draw, I suppose. About kids, I do believe that the real worries and parents and other adults have been over-applied for years and years now.

William Evertson:
Banned in Boston has a long history.
It actually could be great PR. "Mobius- Home to the most banned exhibitions in Boston"

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