Thursday, October 14, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Shawn Gilheeney / Greg Penniston [42]

Shawn Gilheeney / Greg Penniston
Providence, R.I. USA

9/9/2010 - Original Proposal:

Plastic House

“excessive growth”
enamel on wood

”wants needed”
enamel on wood

“ten percent”
enamel on wood

"own zero"
enamel on wood

not weather resistant

or you could hang the big one in the last picture outside..
that one is

“own your excess”
enamel on masonite

9/9/2010 through 9/14/2010 - How to install:

JW (co-curator):
Your proposal has been accepted!

I don't think we'll be able to handle the largest sign unfortunately - it's pretty spectacular!
But I'm going to forward your proposal to James Ellis Coleman who is co-curating the show.
Maybe he will have some ideas.

Were you thinking of bringing all of the signs or just one or two of them? I wasn't sure.

Would there be any way to make these signs freestanding? (instead of mounted on the wall)?
Given that we don't have a lot of wall space... and what we have isn't the greatest for hanging anything heavy. It might be better to hang the works somehow from the ceiling. or can they be leaned up against a window?

If you have any ideas about how to install the signs (and how many you'd like to bring), please let me know.

JW (co-curator):
we checked the space and there is room for your 17 foot sign if you'd like -
but i think it will have to stand on the floor leaning against the windows facing the street if you decide to bring it...
we might suspend your other signs from the ceiling or figure out some other way to install them...

SG (Artist):
please don't be offended
thanks for the opportunity...but it sounds like you guys have enough art
and are a little short on wall space.
. all ourwork is designed and made for hanging on walls....
I hope we can work together on another project some other time....????.

..also check out my non text based paintings and installations here

I hope your show goes off great!!!!!1

take care

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