Sunday, October 3, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Jason Turgeon [33]

Jason Turgeon
Roxbury, MA, USA

8/19/2010 - Original Proposal:

My photobooth is interactive art that definitely crosses the line into prostitution--I make it work for me! It's a piece of interactive sculptural steel art that I designed. I assembled the computer equipment, software, website, etc. My friend David Dowling built the actual sculptural metal housing.

It is half art, half commerce. The art is in the design and appearance--I wanted a piece of art, not an ugly commercial photobooth, and that's what I got. I built it with artists in mind, and I frequently set it up for free at things like FIGMENT, the Boston Burning Man Decompression parties, various underground art parties, etc. But I also pimp it out, renting it for $1000+ a pop at high-end weddings, sorority parties, and corporate events.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy the photobooth! Take as many photostrips as you'd like, and please make use of the costumes and props. Please keep one strip for yourself and leave the second strip in the guestbook.

Fair warning: as an art pimp, I will be placing ALL of these pictures on the internet at my site ( and selecting the funniest/saddest/most generally awesome for use in future marketing. This photobooth has bills to pay, after all!

Dimensions: 4' wide x 6' long x 7' tall

More images of photobot

10/2/2010 - Final images on Jason's blog:

The pictures from the photobooth are online now. You can get there from the links list at the lower left on or directly via

A random selection of photos from photobot:

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