Thursday, October 7, 2010

PoArt Exhibit: Chelsea Coon [37]

Chelsea Coon
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

8/20/2010 - Original Proposal:
Parallel Universes, an installation constructed out of paper on a large scale. It will encourage the viewer to walk around and interact with the tunnels and think of the infinite that exists outside of their own mindset. It will be a delicate piece, but touching is ok.

8ft x 12 ft (a good guess)

Description of Purpose:
In this installation I would be depicting parallel universes. My primary medium I would work with would be paper, which I would mold to the appropriate sizes I needed to fit around the metal supports. The paper would be painted black with purple and blue gases and a few stars to simulate the being in the presence of a nebula. Paper is
nessicary for this project because it is the material I use to create my paintings. A painting called "Parallel Universes" was created about a year ago, and though the idea interested me a great deal, the painting did not do the idea justice in my mind. This installation would give the theory of parallel worlds the life it needs in order to be viewed as well as understood by viewers. The idea is to use tomato cages that are joined together by metal clamps to create these tunnel effects. The cages would be suspended from the walls, ceiling, and connect to the floor. I would have several tunnels overlapping in the installation. The purpose is to simulate the passage into parallel universes. Each tunnel represents a universes self containment but the close contact that will occur between various universes. The installation will cause the viewers to think and question what lies beyond the realms of what we know.

8/20/2010 - Further Discussion on making it work:

JW (co-curator):
This is a wonderful proposal but I'm not sure I understand what it has to do with The Prostitution of Art .. can you explain how it fits the parameters - maybe I haven't understood something.
Also, I'm afraid your piece will be too large to fit in the space especially if it is fragile - there will also be performances in the space... is there anyway you can scale down or make the piece more audience and performer friendly? Also, it has to be moveable in case we have to adjust for performers...

I am wondering if you have actually been to Mobius the space - it might be good for you to look at the space and get a better understanding of the limitations of the space...
I would be more than happy to meet you there. We could discuss how to fit your piece into the space and you will get a better understanding of what may or may not work.

I do love your proposal so much and hope we can work out something to have your piece in the show... If it doesn't fit this particular call fo work well, I hope we can find a future call that will be a better fit with your piece.

CC (Artist):
I was thinking of the prostitution of art as a brief relationship the audience would be forming with the piece. In my work I strive to attract the viewer to my piece by trying to make it as visually appealing as possible. I feel that once I have obtained their attention in that way that I am able to offer a message to the viewers who want to look beyond the beauty and search for answers.

I could scale the installation down as small as needed in order to fit the space. There are additions I can make to a smaller scale model that I had in mind such as stringing christmas lights inside the paper tunnels. I can make it moveable- no problem at all. The tunnels you see in the picture have strings tied around the tops of them where I tack them into the wall. Moving only requires moving the tack to whatever the preferred location for the piece is. What would be the appropriate amount of space to consider?

I have not actually been to the Mobius space. I saw the call through the ProArts page on my Facebook and I was immediately interested and sent you my proposal. I was planning on stopping by for the ProArt installation. I would love to meet you there and discuss the functionality of the installation. I'm really glad you like it and I
hope it works out- if not for this show, then a future one.

JW (co-curator):
Excellent! Thanks for sending clarification.

Your piece is accepted !

and yes, let's meet at Mobius next week so we can figure out a good place for the piece and possible dimension options.

9/18/2010 - Opening night:

Photos: Chelsea Coon

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